Dog Shelter Volunteer

I started volunteering at a dog shelter since
our family adopted Tany,
who had been abandoned twice in the past.

After I realized many dogs were being abandoned and
euthanized if they were not adopted after some time,
I have created a real-time website to
actively inform the situation and help them to
find new families.

I also have received donations through GoFundMe
in order to purchase
some necessary items for the shelter.

Abandoned Doggy Lovers Association, Gyunggi Paju, Korea, 2020-2021

Caring for abandoned dogs and helping them to be adopted.

Beagle Rescue Network, Chungbuk, Korea(2017-2019)

Volunteering to clean the shelter for
abandoned beagles after the scientific experiments and
helping them to be adopted.

Kyunggi Dog Shelter, Hwasung, Korea, 2018-2019

Cleaning the shelter for abandoned dogs and campaign for adopting.