Visual Art

I like taking pictures and making them look better
using Photoshop and Illustrator.

It mainly captures a specific composition in daily life,
thoughts, and travel. 

Recently, I began to find ways to help abandoned dogs
to be adopted more through my photo works.

 And I also love to sketch my ideas

by drawing for creating something new.

Visualizing is very important for me to make it happen.

Advanced 3D Design

Creating a monument for Fay history project
Brand Identity Work

Lower School Student Helper, 2021

Help the lower school kids to understand the concept of design.

Korean Cultural Heritage Story Contest, 2020

Gyeongju, Cultural Heritage of Silla.

Photography Work at Fay, 2020

Abandoned Dogs and Cats Photo Work for Adoption, 2021

I helped more dogs and cats
are rescued and adopted to safer places through

my photo work.

Photoshop & Illustration

Drawing & Painting

Won an Honor Prize, 2019

School violence prevention poster, 2019

“If you respect friends,they’ll respect you as well.”