Travel Around the World

I've travelled to over 15 countries with my family,
so I have learned how important it is to experience new things. 

Even though it can sometimes be difficult to visit unfamiliar places,

I've always learned so much from each of my trips.

As a result, even when I'm not travelling,

I'm always trying to find opportunities to learn new things and challenge myself.

Precious Moments of Travel

Travel and photography

My family, my biggest supporters

I thought all other families were alike, but it wasn't long before I found out that there were many more families who weren’t.
My parents always respect all my opinions and express love in words.
Thanks to my parents’ inexpressible love and many opportunities that they have made for us,
my brother and I were able to broaden our horizon through traveling and various experiences that followed along.
My brother and I are the closest friends and have grown up together as friendly rivals.
No one comes into this world at the stage where I am right now,
without the support of my family.
I can proudly say that what I am today is mainly because of my family.